Phthalates – Meet the Chemical Families

PHTHALATES – The “everywhere” chemical

Used as binders and plasticizers in everyday items, phthalates are found in so many places, including inside the bodies of 99% of people tested, this toxic family has been dubbed “the everywhere chemical.” But just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean you need to accept that! By looking out for certain ingredients and looking for phthalate-free labeling, you can minimize your exposure to these chemmies just like I did in OVERLOAD.

Uses: cosmetics, children’s toys, food packaging, scented cleaners, PVC, flooring

Function: makes plastics & products more flexible & harder to break, makes fragrances last longer

Ingredient Names: phthalate, “fragrance,” PVC, vinyl, DBP, DEP, DEHP, DiNP, MEP

How to Avoid Them: don’t microwave plastics, avoid synthetic fragrances, avoid PVC & plastics labeled #3, look for phthalate-free label

Health Impacts: early onset puberty, lowered sperm count, hormone disruption

Want to find some alternatives to phthalate-filled toys and products? Check out our “favorites” lists for personal care and cleaning products and baby and toddler toys full of less toxic options!

Source: NIEHS

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